The Taylors Lakes Social Club has been, to date, loosely run as subsidiaries groups to the active sports or activity divisions.   Each Club has basically looked after their own.

With the current re-building of the club rooms it is time for the Social Club side of the RecClub's activities and sub-clubs to become a more prominent and better managed feature of the Club.

Licensing laws have always required those attending the Club to be either Members or bona-fide visitors and the policing of that aspect of our membership will now become a stronger focus of the RecClub as a whole.

As such, we expect to develop an overall Social Club membership, one which encompasses all adults who are not paid up members of a sporting or activity in their own right.

More details will be available to members over the coming months and the structure and fees applicable will be rolled out to all as soon as possible...

Taylors Lakes Membership Information